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Dear Aurora: Bow View Manor

by Alyna and I   Smile constantly plastered on your face. Thinking back on all the good things. Remembering the little faces smiling at you, While you are teaching them all the joys of life. Patience and love as you… Continue Reading →

Shedding Light on Peace – December/January Free Choice

In some world, we will be seen as equals. Standing hand in hand with the rest of humanity, Letting everyone know that we are united. A religion that literally translates to peace.  Most people do not know that, but now… Continue Reading →

Escape Room – A Short Story

Take one look at her and think to yourself – how did we get here?  A dark room where a little bit of sunlight comes from the small window on top of her head. The tall ceilings made with long… Continue Reading →

Winter Falls – November Free Choice

Nothing is as critical as the winter is A time where downtime is peoples only time When all your time is spent in the kitchen, eating away the feelings the long, dark days bring out. It is when you get… Continue Reading →

Let Me Tell You – A Spoken Word

I once saw a post on Instagram  Of an innocent child with his hands up, as though he was surrendering, And the caption  was that he thought the camera was a gun.    That is not okay   What has… Continue Reading →

I Will Wait – Random

“Need was the choicelessness she often felt around him.”   You are all that I ask for. There is a waiting line to get to you, though. We are both, I hope, trying to get to the finish line of… Continue Reading →

human behavior – October free choice

Other people influence our behavior. Read that again. We cannot be ourselves ever. Who even is our selves? How does one know how to act when there is no one around them they have to act for? Depending on who… Continue Reading →

Process of Marriage in Islam- Feature Article

What most people tend to assume about Islam is that the marriages are all arranged by the parents. This misconception about this religion makes a lot of room for controversial topics because people do not care to know the truth… Continue Reading →

truth – September Free Choice

What sucks more than being heartbroken you ask? It is being in love with someone and not being able to write about it.   Why is it that sad and depressing thoughts are always easier to write about? The one… Continue Reading →

Alone and Forgotten – A Short Story

The sky the colour of grey; the colour between sunset and pitch blackness. The perfect sky for something bad to happen. Weeks prior, members of the neighborhood teenage group who are constantly pulling pranks took it too far by breaking… Continue Reading →

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